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Beata Golembiowska – writer, journalist, photographer

After completing a Master’s in Environmental Biology at UAM Poznan University in Poland in 1981, Beata worked at the Natural History Museum in Radom. In 1989, she immigrated to Canada, where she obtained a degree in photography at Dawson College. She then worked as a fashion photographer while exhibiting at individual and collective shows. Many of her photographs have been purchased by the Gallery of the Museum of Fine Arts, the City of Verdun, Lotto Québec, Regards du Québec, Les Femeusses, Groupe SM, and private collectors. In 2002-2006 Beata worked as a decorative painter for the Debbie Travis Facelift TV show, and then for the Liliana Komorowska Foundation for the Arts and QueenArt Films, where she made her directorial debut with the documentary Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained (TV Polonia 2012), about Polish nobility and aristocrats living in Rawdon, Canada. Beata Gołembiowska’s published Polish-language books include: In One Suitcase – on Polish aristocrats living in Canada; Theatre Without Borders – on Polish theater in Toronto; and four novels – The Yellow Dress, Paintings On Glass, Olaf’s List and The Road to Wilenia

Her two novels: The Yellow Dress, and Paintings On Glass will be soon (2020) translated to English.

As a journalist, she collaborates with Gazeta Gazeta, a Polish weekly newspaper based in Toronto.

Since 2014 she is a member of the Polish Writers’ Association.

Books have accompanied me since my earliest childhood.

My favourites – until now – are those that contain more joy than sadness, give hope to which one returns and rediscovers. I try to make mine similar. The opinions of my readers confirm that I’m going the right way.

I am enthusiastic about the written word,

which can beautifully express all human emotions. Listening to music is one of the most essential features of a person writing. Life writes books; just pick out his most exciting stories and transfer them to paper.



I have many of them, but I know that I will never reach the heights they have achieved. I try to develop within my limits, and I enjoy every, even little progress.



I was raised by books, which is why the written word has incredible value for me. I feel privileged that I can use it, that I improve it, that it has become my passion.

Nature is one of the most important aspects of my life. It so happened that it always surrounded me. For the last ten years, I have lived in a small house in the forest, covered with snow in winter, and in summer, I enjoy the flower’s colours of my garden, the company of roe deer, squirrels and birds, among which the most beloved are hummingbirds. My books are written in the comfort of my oasis.

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